Sunday, February 19, 2012

A woman with a plan!

The fun is over! (Or not really). My maternity leave is officially over. It was technically over in January, but then we went to Costa Rica for six weeks (six amazing weeks) so, it was sort of vacation and I was with Olivia all the time, so I could say, I was still performing maternity leave duties (together with Jonas). Anyways, tomorrow I start school again! I am really exited to go back. My head is ready to go back and I really want to finish my MA, so, I have to get back to concentrating and focusing a bit on my projects. Jonas will be at home using up the rest of his paternity leave with Olivia (3 more weeks), and then, when those weeks are over, we'll see what we'll do. We need to figure out how we can both work.

But not only is going back to school. This year I am going to get in better shape. That is my only "New Years Resolution", for that I have downloaded the Noom Coach app on my phone (great app, great motivator!) to help me stay focus on my goals of eating better and working out more. I figure now that I have to go to school almost every day, I can combine it with the gym as well. Also, now that the weather is getting "better", I will walk or bike to school instead of taking the bus. That is my plan. Slight changes that can make a bit difference. So I am being realistic, I don't want any magic potions, just a change of habits, that are hard and take time, but will be very beneficial! As for what I will be eating: I hate diets! So I will change the way I eat (reduce sugars to the minimum, lots of green, lots of raw, lots of fiber, good fats and lots of "fresh", smaller portions, eating more often.) So wish me luck! I need all the motivation I can get!

*image: logo for Noom Android.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An idea.

Logo shelves from Bolia (on our wishlist for Christmas this year, so we can organize this place!)

I have been giving it a lot of thought.  And I think this will be one of my two 2012 resolutions.   The first being, as every year: get in an exercise routine! (starting now!) and the second: EDIT, EDIT & EDIT.  
I would like to edit my closet to essential-timeless pieces that go with everything and I can mix and match.  I have so much I don't wear.  And this past year and a half, first being pregnant and second being breast feeding, I have come to realize I don't need that much.  Or that big of a selection.  So, a good friend of mine says she chooses everything in black because it goes with everything.  She's right!  (I do like brown too though).  But, I will keep quality pieces, classic pieces and things that I wear every day, and the rest: sell, give away or save for Olivia in case it comes back some day.  
I not only want to edit my closet, but also our apartment.  I feel a bit cramped!  There are too many things.  We got so much for our wedding, that I have had the necessity to have everything out!  When in fact, we don't have the room.  So, Jonas and I will start editing soon and making our place cozier and fresher (not to mention Baby safe!).  I think that is a good place to start in order to fall back in love with our place.  Which is great.  So, I say, NO to excess!! Yes to re-design and Yes to order and choosing properly! I'm exited!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Settling, nesting and the ungetable get.

A week ago Jonas and I went to see a house we thought we could buy... just for the fun of it.  We were actually not looking for a new place (oh well, one of my hobbies is looking at real state, so, I am always looking but just for fun and maybe a bit of day dreaming).  Anyways, it is a terrible time to invest, we are perfectly happy for now in our place and we still don't know exactly where we'll be in a couple of years. 

Anyways, the house.  I fell in love with it.  We saw the potential. We made a bid!  They rejected it. 

That is just making me itch for it even more than before!  I am now seriously obsessing about this place that we didn't get.  Hence, the comeback to this blog.

I have been decorating the space in my head like a crazy person! 

I am itchy by nature.  I "itch" all the time.  I love good shapes, noble materials, never aging styles, timeless objects. 

Oh well, all of this just to say I found my dreamchairs! On for a reasonable price.  House or not, these are available! "MY" Børge Mogensen dining chairs! I have been searching for them for years!  Never thinking I could ever afford them.  But turns out I found them today!  I am just waiting to hear from the owner if they are still available.  We'll see. 

Update:  We got them!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I know, I know...

I keep initiating a come back and then, puff! I dissapear again.  But time is precious when you have a little one.  The problem is, that I have an overload of cool stuff and things I want to share and talk about that is going to make my head explode.  My other blog is all about Olivia and being a mom, and I need a break from that once in a while.  I do have other interests.  I used to be very interested in cooking, and tasting, and design, music, art, traveling, oh well, everything else!  So, I will try to come here and show something new every so ofter if only to keep my sanity.  I need a playground and a brainstorming space, and this is it, so, I will really try to stay connected this time.

Oh, and Happy Late Thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate it! Good luck on Black Friday! (to all the others that "celebrate" it as well).

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I think I'm slowly back...

I know from now on life will be hectic as it is, but, I still need to keep my creative eye open, right?
The baby isn't here yet, she'll come any minute now so I need to spend my hours doing something.
Spring is slowly arriving to Bergen.  We've had some sunny days and some rainy days with snow in between, so the weather is a little esquizofrenic but you can see the blossoms everywhere you go, the temperature is a bit higher and yesterday, Jonas and I had our first ice cream in the sun. 

I found these beautiful plant dyed silk scarfs on Etsy today.  Aren't they just beautiful?  They come from a shop called Zeldez Plant Wear, they use organic plant dyes that they make themselves. Perfect for spring.  I love silk scarfs, but they keep disappearing on me!  So, I am in search for a new one... these are a bit outside my budget, but they are perfect and exactly what I have in mind!

Oh, and by the way, I have a new blog.  It is more for baby stuff and mother talk.  A bit of design, a bit of a weekly update on how things are going and a bit of DIY things that have kept me busy these last months.  So feel free to check it out and leave comments, or share it with your friends that you think might like it.  It's called: Becoming one of those... precisely because I said I would not blog about baby stuff (that is why I have been so absent from this blog) and I would try to stay focused on my thing.  But that obviously didn't happen, and I am more into the mother thing than ever, so I needed to have an outlet somewhere... but not here.