Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I need an uplift!

I woke up with a bad cold today.  It's actually not a surprise, I have been tempting my luck by not using enough warm clothes these past few days.  You see, when the spring starts showing its face in this side of the world and the sun starts to shine and HEAT again, we the naive and hopeful people start wearing spring clothes, so, during the day it's all good and perfect, but... when the sun stops shining and the wind starts blowing, it's another story.  Just a bit less than two weeks away from my final final final presentation at school, it is just not a good time to be getting sick.  Today I will stay at home and I will avoid the cold and dreadful weather that Bergen is offering (except for the doggy walk of course) and work on my videos from the comfort of my living room, but I need something to uplift my spirit, so, here it is.  A bit of Beck, whom I love with all my heart!

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