Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a kitchen!

Just some interior delight I found at Emmas Design Blog.  The kitchen made me think of my sister in law Nicca, who talked about wanting green chairs in their new dining room.  I know this isn't what she meant, but green chairs: couldn't help but thinking of her (miss you!!!).  Anyways, here are the pictures, and a link to the rest of the house. As Emma defined it in her blog, the industrial/retro/country style is just very well put together.  Not too much not too little.  Definitely very Scandinavian.  Love the hints of baby blue in the cabinets, and I would have never thought of using tiles to cover a kitchen wall to wall, I would have thought it might look too much like a bathroom or a hospital, but somehow, they pulled it off.  Very cool, very cool I must say.

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  1. Nice one! I actually changed my mind now, I want them in blue, from dark to baby blue... Miss you;-)