Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not so much...

Well, seems like the "official comeback" didn't really happen, sorry for that.  It's been a few busy and sunny days, with not so much time to be inside and on the couch writing on my computer, but, I will try and make some time for that as well.
When the sun comes out in Bergen so do you!  You must go out and enjoy it every way you can!  So it's been a lot of grilling, going to the park, playing tennis, lunch in the garden, you name it! So here are some bits of the last few days!

We had a "dinner with friends" in which we cooked 
the Shrimp Pasta I posted some weeks ago.  We also had 
home-made "choripanes" and a Strawberry Tartlet for dessert!  
All of these was following a nice session of Tennis!

Celebratory dinner Jonas cooked for me after my evaluation.
Roasted pork, with a Aroma mushrooms and sun dried 
tomatoes sauce, rosemary potatoes and a beautiful salad.  
We had it with a Domaine de la Solitude 2004 
(Bordeaux) which was the perfect match.  

Lunch with Katrine and Mari-Kristine in the terrace!

"Fake Family Portrait"
"Hanne's confirmation"
With cakes and champagne at the park. The explanation is 
too long and absurd, but it was really fun!!!

Today:  Grilling in the park before going to The Flight of the Conchords concert!!!!!! Have a great day!!!

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