Sunday, February 19, 2012

A woman with a plan!

The fun is over! (Or not really). My maternity leave is officially over. It was technically over in January, but then we went to Costa Rica for six weeks (six amazing weeks) so, it was sort of vacation and I was with Olivia all the time, so I could say, I was still performing maternity leave duties (together with Jonas). Anyways, tomorrow I start school again! I am really exited to go back. My head is ready to go back and I really want to finish my MA, so, I have to get back to concentrating and focusing a bit on my projects. Jonas will be at home using up the rest of his paternity leave with Olivia (3 more weeks), and then, when those weeks are over, we'll see what we'll do. We need to figure out how we can both work.

But not only is going back to school. This year I am going to get in better shape. That is my only "New Years Resolution", for that I have downloaded the Noom Coach app on my phone (great app, great motivator!) to help me stay focus on my goals of eating better and working out more. I figure now that I have to go to school almost every day, I can combine it with the gym as well. Also, now that the weather is getting "better", I will walk or bike to school instead of taking the bus. That is my plan. Slight changes that can make a bit difference. So I am being realistic, I don't want any magic potions, just a change of habits, that are hard and take time, but will be very beneficial! As for what I will be eating: I hate diets! So I will change the way I eat (reduce sugars to the minimum, lots of green, lots of raw, lots of fiber, good fats and lots of "fresh", smaller portions, eating more often.) So wish me luck! I need all the motivation I can get!

*image: logo for Noom Android.


  1. Eso Dani! Diets aren't long term, so this habit change is great! Mucha suerte, se que vas a lograr tu meta. :-)

  2. Si Danny! great attitude, it takes time and discipline, but a good discipline that improves your lifestyle. enjoying every bite. drink water a little more everyday. I make green tea and combine it with other flavors, and keep it cool in the fridge. try to have at least one or two a day. fruits or healthy snacks, easy to carry, pack or prepare always handy in case of cravings. walk or bike! :) you'll have more positive energy and rest better at nites. smile more and enjoy ur life! huge hug!