Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A few things

First of all!

Once again, skipped one day! But for good reason:  My friend Katrine and I went to B-Kick after school ("kickboxing" sort of), so, once again, I had too little time.
As promised, I have before and after pictures of our apartment re-decorating weekend.
Today we went to Fretex (Salvation Army store where you can always find a little treasure such as today).  We finally found a proper table for the record player.  It's an old telephone table, with a drawer for the phone book and all.  It is great!

So, now that we have the table, we could move everything around.  So we did! And here are the results (I promise better "after" pictures tomorrow with daylight).  



So, now we have a divided livingroom (the sofa is dividing the dining area from the living room), it's quite cozy, and we have more corners in the room.   The big space on the wall on top of the record player is just waiting for a photograph.  We don't have any idea of which photo it will be, but there will be one.
Now, changing the subject a little bit,  my favourite band at the moment, The National, just announced that they will be releasing their new record "High Violet" in May.  So as the craving to listen to it came in I decided to listen to "Boxer" on my way to work today.  I can't get enough of it.  It is by far, the best band I have listened to in a very very long time.  Everything about it is perfect.  It reminds me how I was  ten years ago, when I was passionate about music and was like a sponge, listening to anything good that came into my hands.  Repeating song after song on my Discman until I learned them by heart.  I forget sometimes that I was like that.  I don't know where my passion for music went.  I think I just settled with what I had and stopped looking.  But I think I am getting back there... The National did that.  And now that we have the record player up and running, music will start playing a major role in our house hold once again.  It's already started.  Tonight it has been Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchel, Jethro Tull and last but not least, Tom Waits "Bounced Checks".  What a great night!

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  1. Love the new table,Fretex is my favorite place to shop!