Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday I took a blog day off. I was working at the coffee shop until four and then went to help a friend with her bachelor project (I'll tell you more about this project later on, it's quite cool!). Then we came home, Rafa was very stinky since the snow outside is starting to melt and it is quite dirty, so, he needed a very well deserved bath, so we did just that and now we have a very clean and fluffy dog. After that, Jonas and I made pizza at home (didn't get to take any pictures because we ate it too fast, he he) and then I was too full to be able to write a sentence, so, there, that is my excuse. The pizza was fantastic, it was half with blue cheese, caramelized pecans and pears; and the other half with fresh mozzarella and eggplant. It was a perfect Saturday night. Beer, pizza and TV, with Jonas next to me (and a good smelling dog sleeping on my lap).

Today though, no resting Sunday for us. Jonas got a record player for his birthday on January, so, we had been planning on finding a space for it. We are waiting for the flea market season to find something special to put it on, but in the meantime, we needed to make space. So, like my mothers daughter, we turn the apartment around! (before and after pictures will come as soon as we are done turning the place around).

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