Friday, March 12, 2010

Gringo Pinto!

Today I am going to show you, as a proud big sister, my brother's latest project. I know it will be difficult if not impossible to understand what they are saying if you are not Costarrican or have lived in Costa Rica for a while, but, the animation is simply fantastic, the sound effects are beautiful and the music is great. Just to explain a bit about what it is about, Costa Rica is a country with useless street names. I say useless because the street names actually exist, but they are not up. So, people go around finding reference points to give out an address. "Gingo Pinto" is just about that. A poor american guy comes up to a local and asks for the address for his hotel. The local answers him in slang and gives the explanation. Memo, my brother with help of some of his friends, illustrates this explanation literally. Enjoy! LOVE YOU MEMO!

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