Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Easter and in Norway that means skiing!

My family in Norway has invited us to go skiing this Easter.  I must say, as a Costarrican, skiing is one of the Norwegian activities I have absolutely no skills for.  I fall down, freak out when my feet slide, have my shoulders up my ears all the time, but, when you are midway, there is a beer, a sandwich, tea and chocolate waiting (which my father in law carefully prepares with nuts and raisins).  So, it is all worth it!  Ha ha, no, not only for that, but the beautiful scenery, the company, and just being outdoors.

Mjølfjell 2007.  My first trip to ski in Norway. 

As an incentive this year, my mother in law, Nina, offered to teach me how to sew some "Gamasjer" ("gaiters" in English and "polainas"?!?! in Spanish, anyways, the red leg protectors you see me wearing on the pictures above), that way I could have some of my own, and test the beautiful sewing machine I got for Christmas from onkel Jo :)

... And here are the results: 
¡Felices Pascuas! God Påske! Happy Easter!


  1. hahaha dani, you look like you were born with those skis on :) you little norwegian. can see that you're having a great time!

    and you HAVE to show me how to make those gamasjer, i want!!!! :):):)

    hils everybody. klem fra runa. god påske!

  2. Hehe,love the glass of wine with the sewing machine ;-)

  3. Yes, my favorite part is the glass of wine...that is my style! ;-)