Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some things are done, some need doing.

Finally I can sit and write a bit on the blog.  It has been a hectic few days, with the interview for the MA (which I feel went well, but who knows, I'll get to find out next week), work, school, and life.  Today is Wednesday, my day off, so, I can sit and think, and maybe find some inspiration for my bachelor project.  

I need to find solutions and ideas to finish.  Today I am looking at Doris Salcedo, a Colombian artist working on sculpture and installation.  She raises the question of forgetting and memory on her work.  She uses domestic objects and sets them in a way that they become charged of political and historical meaning.  I find her very inspiring for many reasons.  First of all, she is a Latin American woman that has made it in the art world "Como Dios manda!".  She has an amazing way of making a memorable statement... and that is what I hope one day I can achieve.  I really like the way she transforms the meanings of an everyday object and builds up tension to provoke anxiety in the spectator.

Installation for the 8th International Istambul Biennal, 2003

Noviembre 6 y 7, 2003

Shibboleth, crack on the floor of Tate Modern London, 2007-8

And I think I came up with an idea, but will sleep on it a bit more before I talk about it.

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