Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend! It's a girls saturday night.

Is funny how fast a week goes by.  It is weekend again! And then it will be MONDAY and then I will have my dreaded interview for the MA at KHiB (Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen).  It's nerve wrecking to think of it, but I definitely want it over with.  I am applying for the Master program in Fine Art at my school.  I think around 120-150 people applied from all over, 60 something people will be going to the interview (including me) and only 22-24 will actually get in. So, that's some pressure.  If I see it in my husband's (he is an economist) terms, there is 30% chance I will get in.  And if I say that 1 out of 3 get in, it sounds even more possible.  That's my logic at the moment.  

Each person is applying with a project they want to develop for the next two years.  Ever since I started studying art in Bergen, I have been working with subjects such as identity, being an immigrant, adaptation, communication, family relations.  I moved to Bergen in January 2007 right after Jonas and I got married.  I started studying at KHiB that same year in the fall.  Everything was moving too fast, and I was adapting to all of it as it came.  So, it was just a matter of using what was going on in my life as subjects to my projects at school.  My head didn't have any room for anything else.  The first project I worked on was "Identity", a video about the process of adaptation to a new land.

Identity from Daniela Ramos Arias on Vimeo.

This video represents everything I want to work with now.   I am applying with a project that will approach the feeling of displacement you may have when you move to a new country, specially when you visit your own country and feel a bit foreign there as well.  So, I hope I get in and are able to work with this together with other students with whom I can have discussion and feedback.

Not only this is a stressing subject, but I am on the last 2 months of my bachelor and still am sure about my project, so, tonight I am having my school friends (who are all stressed and frustrated as I am)  over for dinner and wine, so we just relax, maybe let our frustrations out and start fresh on monday.  I am looking forward to it!

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  1. Este video y tu post en el blog son exactamente lo que he intentado expresar durante muchos anos. Esto de la indentidad, or de estar confundida por cual es tu identidad es algo con el cual vivo una batalla a diaro. No se si en Costa Rica era gringa jugando de tica. Pero ahora que vivo en gringolandia, fijo no soy solamente gringa. Soy tica. Pero tengo una mezcla y no me siento "at home" en ningun lugar...o sea, cuando estoy aquí, siempre tengo ese sentimiento de que no me pertenezco a este lugar. Pero cuando vuelvo a CR, igual no me perfectamente cómoda, me siento como extranjera. Pero si me siento como extranjera en donde crecí y ahora en donde vivo, de donde soy y adonde me pertenezco? Muy buen post... ;-)