Monday, April 19, 2010

Aren't they beautiful???

With the spring showing some signs of coming (well, in Bergen you can actually expect anything, in the last two days there has been sunshine, rain, hail and SNOW!!!!, the weather is completely bananas!), and the flowers starting to bloom, I took the first steps towards having some vegetables in our garden.  I have planted (indoors for the time being) some winter squash, different varieties of carrots and tomatoes.  Look at my baby tomato plants!!!!!

I found Renee's Garden website  very useful.

And the very ugly but effective home-made greenhouses :)

And some carrots as well, the squash needs a bit more time....

For the carrots, I'd follow the same instructions above, but I used milk cartons.  
The carrots need space underneath them to grow down!

Soon enough (as soon as there is no danger of frost in the evenings, as seen above, it snowed yesterday!), we will be working on out plant beds outside and eating veggies all summer and autumn.
The next project is the herb garden and I will post pictures of that too.

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