Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Jonas made waffles today.   He is the cutest! (sorry, strongest, toughest!)

Jonas' instructions to eat waffles:
1. Waffles must rest so they get crispy.
2. Things you can put on them:
3.  Sour cream with raspberry jam.
4.  Butter with brown cheese.

 A happy man.

Dogs don't eat waffles!


  1. Jonas needs to post his recipe for the waffles (or email it to me). And what is brown cheese? I can't wait to make waffles now, I love the idea of the sour cream and raspberry jam!

  2. haha, his recipe comes from a supermarket bag of readymade waffles, but they are pretty good!

    Brown cheese is a norwegian thing. Sabe como a cajeta de leche pero no tan dulce. It originally is made with goat milk, but, we buy the one that is made with cow milk only. Not everybody likes it, but I loooove it :D

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