Saturday, June 12, 2010

and then... Berlin.

It is always great fun to have a trip with just girls.  Sometimes, I am a little bit skeptic on the idea, given that girls (including me very much) are complicated and sometimes difficult.  Not this time!  We had a great group of 5 I must say.  A good combination: 1 doctor, 2 economists, 1 teacher and an artist.  So, lots to talk and learn about each other.  

I have to say, I would sign up to travel with this gang any time anywhere!  

Then comes Berlin.  Berlin was just the perfect place!  It is a great city with lots to do, lots to see and lots to shop!  It is relatively "cheap" (compared to other European cities, and more over, compared to Norway!!!).  So our plan was to walk around, shop a little but, and relax mostly.  We all had been there more than once, so the pressure of sightseeing was gone, and we were left with lots of free time, no plans and good company.

From left: Me, Sigrid, Marit, Cecilie and Katrine.
First day in X-Berg, having pizza and beer.  Then we relaxed by the river.
Peeeeeerfect day indeed!

 Then Sigrid's birthday celebration, first a light dinner at
Monsieur Wong, and then Strawberry daikiries at Erdbeer Bar.

So much fun!  We rented bikes and cruised the city ALL day!!!
Then I managed to check out the Louise Bourgeois show :)

 Treasure hunting at the Fleemarket and Vintage shops.  Berlin
is definitely THE CITY for vintage shoppers.  
I also found some amazing fabrics. 

Tusen takk jenter!!!! Det var supert!

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