Friday, June 11, 2010

Back in Bergen

Hi there! It's been a few great weeks.  Finishing school, going to Istanbul with Jonas and then to Berlin with the girls.  Every place and thing we did was great, can't complaint!  So, now I am back, happy to be at home, and looking back at all the fun things I've done lately.

First, Istanbul!
What a magnificent city, the people, the food, the views!  It is such an eclectic place full of mixes.  Jonas and I had a great time.  We visited some of the main tourist attractions but also walked a lot around the city and just had time to be together and that is always a good thing.  

Hagia Sophia was just amazing.
Then the Grand Bazar, jeez, I got dizzy and hypnotized by 
all the things there, gold, carpets, fabrics, leather, noise,
towels, etc! Everything you can think of.  One thing: I suck
at bargaining!!

Mezze...mmmmmmmmmmm... the best, no question!

The best kebab I've ever tasted.
Then Jonas and I dressed up and went out on a date, to Mikla
restaurant at the rooftop of a hotel, and we had a romantic and
delicious meal, with Turkish wine which is not bad at all.

After walking in 30ºC all day, we needed a beer, and this is what we got:
A "clandestine beer" in a big plastic glass! 

We took a really nice trip on a boat on the Bosphorus.  This is Europe!

And this is Asia.

And of course, can't leave Turkey without having some tea... which 
tastes like regular black tea actually, but in cute little glasses.

Finally, we were there while the attack from the Israel to
the supply boat to Gaza coming from Turkey was attacked.
There were some protests going on, of course. This one was
at Taksim square.

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