Friday, June 18, 2010

One more post today.

And since this blog is about ALL the things that I want (which are many that I actually don't need since I already have it all: an amazing husband, a family that loves me, the cutest 2 dogs, 2 countries I can call home, a great apartment, growing tomatoes, a mountain right behind my house, a job that I love, a bachelor degree in Arts, good health, many stamps on my passport, etc etc etc...) I am showing you this watch that I came across with today at Food for Thought as well.  I haven't had a watch for years, maybe since I was in high school and the last one I had stopped working, then I got a mobile phone and it stopped there.  Anyways, my father asked me about what kind of watch I liked a while ago, and it was hard to explain: feminine, but not too feminine, classic, but not too classic, not yellow gold, maybe with a leather strap, or not, anyways, I am in a search of a nice watch and I thought this one might be a good candidate.  I like the rose gold actually!  A lot! 

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