Monday, June 21, 2010


We had a great weekend with the family at the cabin.  Although it was a bit windy and chilly, the sun was shinning all the time.  Saturday evening Jonas and I made some tapas to celebrate a very belated birthday for our aunt Mette (great excuse!), and here are some of the recipes and pictures of what we made!

Tomatoes, fresh mozarella and basil
all marinated in good olive oil, salt and pepper.
We used olive focaccia, sliced and lightly toasted.
Anders' Chevre & Vegetable Pintxo
I used green and yellow zucchini but you can use eggplant as well.
Toast some bread slices.  On a pan, stir some finely chopped onion
and garlic.  Add the zucchini. Let it reduce.  Add some salt, pepper 
and cumin to taste. You can also add some chicken stock if you wish.
Put on top of bread slices and add some chevre on the top.  Gatinate
in the oven.  AMAZING! (Anders you are a true kitchen genious!).
Dates rolled in Cured Ham
Never disappoints! Take the seeds out of the dried dates.
Roll in bacon, or cured ham.  We used Serrano Ham and it
was great!  Gives extra crispiness.  Put in the oven for about
15 minutes in 200ºC or until golden.
Foie with apple-pear butter
Toast some bread slices.
Have the Foie-gras (or duck liver pate) in the freezer so it stays firm.
On a very hot pan, fry thin slices of the Foie-Gras (just a bit on both sides).
Put on top of the bread with some caramelized apples, or apple butter.
We made a nice apple and pears butter beforehand.  It was very nice.
Pork loin with Brie
  On top of toasted bread slices put some brie cheese
and thin slices of pork loin (you should cook the pork 
on a pan before).  Put in preheated oven (200ºC) for a 
couple of minutes before serving.
Stuffed Mushrooms 
Take the trunks of the mushrooms (We used Champignon type)
In a food processor put a handfull of: almonds, fresh rosmary,
fresh parsley, 1 garlic clove,  about 30g Parmigian cheese, the 
mushroom trunks, 2 spoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt & pepper.
Make a paste and fill the mushrooms with it. 
Put in the oven for 15 min.
in 200ºC before serving. 


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  1. This looks amazing!! We NEED to have a pinxtos/tapas night again soon :)