Thursday, March 31, 2011

I think I'm slowly back...

I know from now on life will be hectic as it is, but, I still need to keep my creative eye open, right?
The baby isn't here yet, she'll come any minute now so I need to spend my hours doing something.
Spring is slowly arriving to Bergen.  We've had some sunny days and some rainy days with snow in between, so the weather is a little esquizofrenic but you can see the blossoms everywhere you go, the temperature is a bit higher and yesterday, Jonas and I had our first ice cream in the sun. 

I found these beautiful plant dyed silk scarfs on Etsy today.  Aren't they just beautiful?  They come from a shop called Zeldez Plant Wear, they use organic plant dyes that they make themselves. Perfect for spring.  I love silk scarfs, but they keep disappearing on me!  So, I am in search for a new one... these are a bit outside my budget, but they are perfect and exactly what I have in mind!

Oh, and by the way, I have a new blog.  It is more for baby stuff and mother talk.  A bit of design, a bit of a weekly update on how things are going and a bit of DIY things that have kept me busy these last months.  So feel free to check it out and leave comments, or share it with your friends that you think might like it.  It's called: Becoming one of those... precisely because I said I would not blog about baby stuff (that is why I have been so absent from this blog) and I would try to stay focused on my thing.  But that obviously didn't happen, and I am more into the mother thing than ever, so I needed to have an outlet somewhere... but not here.


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